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About company


Publicity is perceived by many people as a "gift from God". On ancient greek it sounds like "charisma» (χάρισμα). This word often refers to a public person which have exclusivity supernatural properties. However, success should not only possess these qualities, but also fully implement them.

We at Berta Communications believe that there is the real PR in order to emphasize and accentuate the best features of our clients. PR does not exist and can not be exist universal solutions that can meet the needs of brand, politician or star of show business. Therefore, the effective PR should not only be strategic, that have clear objectives and time frames, but also be a personal. Such PR is developed together with the client, and it always has a unique character, as in the choice of communication channels and tools to promote.

Become famous and interesting for the media, receive monthly dozen invitations for an interview from press and television, to solve problems with unscrupulous (black) PR or get a ticket to power. It's not just goals. This is strategic plan, under which we will guide you to success.

Demand the impossible!


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